Feb 21, 2014

First Follow Through Friday...

Low and behold  IT'S FRIDAY!!!
Never woulda made it!!

It's mah first Follow Through Friday !!!!!

This has been a good and blah week.
My Meals and exercise have been GREAT!! Love my T25!
Shaun T and I have been great friends these past 3 weeks.  I'm jumping more and modifying less!
Today is a double workout and it's gonna be KILLER!! Cardio and Ab Intervals...I'm actualy nervous. HA!

The blah is just my feelings and emotions and girly crap that I H - A - T - E,  kicked-in in a way that they never have before. ugh!

So, I been up and down and snappy.  I have literally been going to bed sucking my thumb.

Today is better!  Maybe because it's Friday or because I slept like a baby after that good Patron Magaritta I had last night... HA!
Looking forward to the weekend and really staying on track with my exercise.
T25 doesn't really have a workout  technically tomorrow is STATurday and Sunday is Stretch, which is actually a good burner.

My weekend schedule:

  • Saturday
    • Bob and his Kettlebell DVD
    • My son's basketball game
    • Step Show
    • Movie with the kiddies
  • Sunday
    • T25 Stretch
    • Mani/Pedi

I hope its beautiful this weekend becasue I will DEFINITLY be on one of these good trails that Atlanta has to offer.