Feb 13, 2014

No, No, No...

Day 2 of being stuck in the house with my kiddies and my mother.  I'm not one that gets cabin fever BUT being stuck in the house with a woman that thinks cabbage, cooked with oil and bacon is healthy, I can't deal!
I woke yesterday morning to her cooking biscuits and bacon a Velveeta cheesed, scrambled eggs. I thought I was going to die! Fortunately she only made enough for her and the kiddies and my calorie count was safe. HA!  For dinner it was taco night. Meaning, queso night. Meaning a bowl filled with cubed Velveeta and Rotel, then my daughter added ground chuck.  I politely counted out 9 tortillas and topped them with queso. Resistance was futile.

Even today I woke up to the smell of bacon. Ugh! I shall resist.
Moms trying to kill me...
Right now moms has her 1980something Betty Crocker cookbook out, she's making full of butter and sugar Banana nut bread.  My weakness.  I know I will have a slice or two, before 3.
I need this ice and snow to melt so I can get out of here!
However, my desire to lose weight has not been thwarted. I have not been laying around doing nothing.
I have treated and am treating these snow days like any other day. 
  •  I have continued eating my Meal Prep
  •  Any carb I have eaten has been early in the day
  •  I have continued my T25 Challenge
  •  I have added another cardio session

I use every moment to work in some type of strength training.  Especially since the TV has been my friend. Lots of squats and lunges. Lots of arm work.  Gotta keep the calories burning!

I'm glad proud I have not lost sight of my goals during snowmaggedon!
Mental discipline is key! I think I can take this as a lesson for my weekends.
When It comes to my fitness goals EVERYDAY is a healthy day!

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