Feb 6, 2014

More goals = More fun!!

I'm late, but is there even a such thing when it's MY blog. :) I want to share everything and time does not always work for us. We have to make it work and I'm, well, making it work.

This month I wanted to push myself even harder. Challenge myself further.  Implement more of the mental discipline that I talk about on Instagram.
 It started when I was catching up on the Biggest Loser episode when they traveled to the Olympic training facilities in Utah.  The Olympic guy, Appolo Ohno,  said something like, "all you have to do is turn it on". He was speaking about the switch in your brain that tells you YES Bish!! DO IT!!

So Im doing it. I have set these goals. I'm happy with them. I am excited about them. I am commmited to them 100%

1. Take the T25 Challenge This is the biggest one for me. Thats why its #1  Initially it was going to just become part of the routine.  Sprinkled in once or twice a week.  After watching the infomercial (for shame!) I decided to give it a try for 10 weeks! What could it hurt? THE FAT!!!!!!! Anywho, I had never seen the infomercial I jsut wanted it becasue I had seen it on IG and it was good.  Just 25mins and eating right.  Shaun T is a fool!!! WHEW!!  I'm excited!!

2. Take a Zumba class For some strange reason I have notice that I have the fear of jumping or shaking my bod too much.  It's crazy. I love to Wii, but even with that I don't put all I can in it.  I think Zumba will be fun, it will be challenging  and  a great calorie burn, if I give my all. I also think I will be a good a pair with T25.

3. Complete Plank Challenge Strong Core = Strong Back , Period  I want to be stronger and strength starts at the center. It's not about having ripped abs or a flat stomach. Just strength!

4. AM Exercise I do my workouts in the evening. No excuses.No matter how my day was I make the time.  However, I want to get up in the wee morning hours and get in some miles.  I do it once or twice a week, but I want to be able to do it EVERYDAY! (So far I'm failing alarms goes off adn I trun it off...lol)

Im excited about  February! It's a short sweet month so I have to DIG in!!
No Excuses Only Results.