Feb 19, 2014

Situation Consistent...

The clothes have gotten tight, it's hard to walk up the steps and the snoring has gotten LOUDER.  It's these moments when many people decide that a change must come.
For some of those many these signs mean " I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT!"
1. Get a gym membership. ($$)
2. Hire a Personal Trainer ($$$)
2. Take the shoes and coats off the treadmill.
3. Look into weight loss surgery ($$$$)
etc. etc. etc.

There are hundreds of gimmicks, plans and even pills that people undertake to lose a few pounds.
For me I keep it simple:
1. Diet
2. Exercise

  Lets be clear on what the word diet means. 

food and drink regularly provided or consumed

 I was raised by a nurse so I have always understood this.  I don't eat things that don't fit my new lifestyle.  Meaning, my diet is realistic.  I will have a piece of chocolate or a cookie. I just won't have ALLLLLL the chocolate and ALLLLLL the cookies.  My diet consists of a lot of veggies and protein.  I keep the carbs to a minimum.
Exercise is a given.   I follow the motto...21days makes a habit. Now its a habit.  Boom!

(that was the intro...ha!)

I said alllllll that to get to this. If there is a Top 5 Reasons Why Journeys Fail ,
 CONSISTENCY would be #2 or #3.
I'm not an expert. I don't get paid to share advice or an opinion  *shrug*
 Pay attention to this next statement.

If you are not going to go ALL in, whats the point?

When you're not losing, when you're not seeing results, when it hasn't become a habit....more than likely there is no consistency.
You can't  have a good breakfast and  a good lunch and quality snacks then eat a double whopper w/ cheese extra pickles, cut in 1/2, large sized with a Coke (flashback WHEW!) for dinner! NO! NO! NO!
You can't walk at 2.0 pace for 10 mins on Monday and not do ish the rest of the week.
You can't only eat almonds all day :(
and you can't be great in your diet and exercise Mon - Thu and Weekend say "Forget about it!"
and NO, walking to the copy/fax machine once a day is not gonna cut it. HA!

In the beginning, it wasn't easy.  It never is for anyone! The drive to KEEP GOING isn't easy, but if you want it bad it enough, you push forward.

You have to remain consistent. My suggestions:
  • Come up with a routine that you will and can stick to EVERYDAY.  WRITE IT DOWN!! Seeing your schedule on paper makes it harder to not do!  If you don't like morning workouts everyday then don't do a morning work out everyday.  If you can't go an hour everyday, ok make it the best 30 mins EVER!
  • Check yourself. Be accountable.   Own a bad day and keep on pushing. Don't throw in the towel because you had a cupcake or didn't work out one day. Resist the temptation another day and pick up your routine TOMORROW, where you left off.
  • Saturday is a day just like Tuesday. Carry the consistency with you THROUGH the weekend. Have some ice cream, just not the tub of ice cream.  The weekend is tough. It's up to you to do WORK! If your "Rest Day" is on the weekend do a little something anyway...mmmkay thanks HA!
  • Mental Discipline  Living a healthier lifestyle is not easy you have to want it like the air you breathe.  Your mind: how you think, what you know and what you don't know makes or breaks you. Stay positive and conscious of your daily. SMASH those temptations! Do work when you don't feel like it.
Being consistent is so important if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight.
If your not consistent, why complain. Period.