Feb 14, 2014

Its Heart Day...

I am so glad that I am FINALLY out of the house! Mind you I'm at work but so what! Its AWAY! This weather that Atlanta has been great however, I was going to lose my mind if I had to be stuck for one more day. Valentine's day is the perfect day to be able to dip!

I finished out yesterday with my T25 Cardio. Listen, when I tell you how Mental Discipline is so important and key to any journey! I put it off and off.  I at one point had my workout gear on and was like "Imma take a nap"...lol I took everything off and laid in the bed, watched some Homeland and drank water.  All the while,  feeling guilty, going back and forth about what I could do the next day.
After that internal, debate I got my but up! I had a date with myself that I could not cancel.  I did it even though I didn't want to.  I figure that's when I needed to do it the most. That was the make or break it moment...lol...seriously.

How I'm feeling about me right now:
  1. Proud
  2. Proud
  3. Proud
Devil cupcakes...tasty though!
Its Valentine's Day, its Friday and its double T25 day!  Usually the office folks do nothing, but today they decided to bring in some frickin' cupcakes! After I calmed down I took a picture, pulled one out, wiped off the icing and enjoyed the delighful creature. I'm going to head home and get my workout on.
I have a date with my kiddies, the loves of my life. Not quite sure what the little people want to do just yet, but they will figure it out.

Its cliche, but Happy Valentine's Day!