Dec 10, 2014

December Dump...

Welcome December!!!
Love the month because it's one month closer to my BIRTHDAY! However, I’m not a fan of Christmas….I am all about the Reason for the season, but all those other things…nah

  • I hate shopping
  • I loathe spending money on anything that is not a necessity
  • Ungrateful folks. (my spoil

I love Thanksgiving. All the same food and family without the hassle of gift giving!

So keep the annoyance and aggravation down, that Christmas Holidays bring I decided to combat it with a fitness exercise challenge.

Before I get into that
Let me first document my December Goals:

The Holiday are a lazy, grazing time…Its times like this that I’m glad my boss is a scrooge ( not holiday food, treats or fun in office).  It’s very easy to fall off the wagon between Thanksgiving and New Years…sheesh lawd yes it is…

With that being said,  I decided I needed a little challenge. Just to keep me going during the season of food and shoveling shit in mouth.  Last year in one of my group on MyFitnessPal, we did a challenge called December 24 Challenge. The purpose was to get moving for at least 24 exercise minutes in the month.
It has not only challenged me physically but it has challenged me to schedule my workouts and get my time together. 
Another wonderful thing about it!  I have an opponent, an adversary, a challenger.  HAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).
What’s a challenge without a little friendly competition and a TROPHY!! Yup a TROPHY!! Bragging rights and a Victory dance!!!

I have been exercise crazy!!!!
Day 1, December 1st I was on the treadmill for 1 hour 50 mins…. TF!!!??
I hate the treadmill but *singing* “baby, it’s cold outside’ and I know I can get the walking in if I just get on the dreaded treadmill.
I have been getting up at 5am (every other day) to get at least 30mins in then an hour or more in the evening.
Nothing like a trophy to get my ass motivated…LMAO!!

So here is a little photo dump of how  Week 1 (Dec 1-5) went. The weekend...hmmmm I really wanted to exercise and I'm mad that I missed valuable minutes but my niece and nephew were in town and i just wanted to play with them.

Dec 1

Dec 2

Dec 2
 I couldn't get a pic of Dec 3rd, I don't know how to find them in the Polar

Dec 4
Dec 5
 Dec 5th I had a Date with my Sister for her birthday and my bff, so I figured instead of no minutes I would at least do a few. * shrug *

Big Sis in middle...XOXO
Feeling great and motivated by this challenge has put me in the mood to do T25 Alpha again.
I love T25.  Doing it made me feel Strong.  I lost mega inches and was powerful as hell.  It definitely built my exercise confidence.
So I decided to start that on the first day of Winter, which I believe is the 21st or 22nd…so soon…sheesh. I'm determined, however, to not let the Holidays jack with my goals.
I want to build endurance and kill FAT!!!!

thank you so much for reading my post today.
I'm and working really hard to schedule more writing time...
Pray for me!
Merry Hump Day!
and Happy Blog Hop and Link Up