Aug 18, 2014

Challenge? Say Huh?!...

I was rolling through my Instagram feed, after being off social media for a couple days, and I rolled up on one of my favs @fleurtyandfit.  I looked at the picture and read the caption and my jaw DROPPED! I did not BELIEVE what I was seeing.

I then went to her blog and read her posting here. Yup! I was true!
My faithful mother-hater of challenges, the self proclaimer of “I don’t do challenges”, the sayer of “good luck girl, I can’t do challenges” is not only involved in a challenge but HOSTING a challenge!! O____O

Un believable. Floored.
I absolutely love this woman!!! She is overcoming an obstacle!!!
She is hosting a Challenge and leading it on its way!!
What's an even better way to make sure your accountable, INVITE OTHERS TO JOIN YOU!!
So OF COURSE I had to join!! I immediately email  J!

The End of Summer Challenge is as follows:
Runs Monday, August 18th - September 22...the last day of summer! 
The requirements before beginning the challenge:
Had to email J before picture, weight, and your goals for this challenge and, if we were brave, a cell phone number. So she can send us motivational text and stuff.

So here goes…
 This is me...D I haven't posted a pic since earlier this year and now I'm 10lbs shame, its life.
My goals are small, obtainable and realistic.  However #4 didn't happen today (short lunch) BUT tomorrow Yes!!

I created my menu for the week and grocery shopped. YUMMERS!!!
I think I'm READY!!!!
End of Summer Challenge #leggo

 Great Luck Participants!!

Join the Motivation Monday Team ... I link with JenB!