Sep 29, 2014

Finally! Fleurty Review...

Fleurty Review
Oh boy time is just rolling along!! I have been uber busy and by the time I come up for air its…TODAY!
I am so sucking at my posting this month and I do apologize to my few readers….PLEASE STAY!!! Lol

Ok down to business

End of the Summer Challenge w/ Jasmine over at FleurtyFit has come to an end.
I neither Lost nor Gained an ounce.
                That’s good but not great. 
I began the challenge with such eagerness and determination and that determination continued.  The support system was great, with the emails and texts. However the last week and a half was weary.   I had fallen off my exercise routine.
While I continued with my no meat and eating my planned menu, I just couldn't get to moving every day.
So I was able to maintain my weight.
All the ladies involved in the challenge were extra awesome coming to the aide and uplifting each other when there was a need. Check out the Linkup over at FleurtyFit! These ladies worked their butts off!!! Congrats to Marissa!!!!!! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!!!

One of the reasons I like challenges is because of the accountability, ESPECIALLY when there are members that reach out and HOLD me accountable.
I would probably be back eating Big Macs and Whoppers, Drinking a 12 pack of Coke A DAY and eating mounds of cookies and brownies if it wasn't
for challenges.

Jasmine, this is for you…

You led an AMAZING challenge! Thank you for being real. Thank you for being reachable. Thank you for be a friend. YOU are amazing. Thank you.

I'm late as hell but Hey I'm HERE!!
Check the Link up out, over at Fleurty and Fit.