Dec 1, 2014

Oh How Thee Was Missed...


No I am still alive and kicking !!!
No I have not given up.
Yes life kept me from blogging
OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE!!!!!!!!!! Believe THAT!!!

To make a loooong and way over told story short....
One week my office manager developed a kidney stone, went to the Dr and got diagnosed with kidney cancer  :0 . The next week she had surgery to have the infected kidney removed and, until today, has been out.
Which means, shit rolls downhill.  I was the office manager while the deary was away.
My job responsibilities increase 150%
My stress level increased 100%
My free time decreased 75%
This means I had to shift some stuff in my life and put some things on the shelf. Unfortunately, blogging took the hit.

I have spent over 2 months getting to work early,  no lunches, barely any bathroom breaks, taking work home, writing to-do list in my sleep, leaving work late, exercise 1 or 2 times A WEEK and making my kids and my sweetie unhappy with me. Booo!
I have only read one book, watched no movies and written no Blog Posts and I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH!!!!!
I missed my Swag Swap, So sorry it was awesome Desiree is/was even more AWESOME!…I may do a photo dump ( not really good at those)

I have me someone very special and they are very supportive and encouraging of my fitness goal…LOVE IT!!

Exercise over the last 2+ months has been consistently minimal.
I have made sure that I have gotten in some exercise in 1, 2 and sometimes 3 days a week.
I didn’t want to lose sight of everything and just be a slug. Plus, when I DON’T exercise…I feel like S- H- I- T.
Because of the new hectic lifestyle I meal planned and prepped. 
I gained 6 pounds and currently I have lost 2.4 so YAAAAAY!!!

I have missed the freedom to write.  I have felt like I had no purpose because I was not writing. 
I have missed my FELLOW BLOGGERS!!

I’m getting back in the water..ooowee it feels so good!