Dec 13, 2014

12.13.14...Had To...

Wow this year is nearly over…my, my, my how this year has been absolutely wonderful!
I love this pic of my kiddies...
I dragged them out of bed to do the
Making Strides Breast Cancer walk.
  • I got my Associates degree
  • I maintained a lifestyle change for a year
  • I did 6 weeks of T25 lol
  • I finally completely ended a bad relationship
  • I made a few new friends
  • I tried
  • I saw Beyonce’ oh and Jay-Z
  • I didn’t give up!

I’m not big on resolutions…don’t care for them because I know I will forget about them
I am a Goal lovin whorebag.
Goals are my joy!!!!!!!!
Much like a “To-Do List” they are written down and checked off.

I was catching up on some of my favorite bloggers and I  read Jill Conyers’ “Goals for 2015”, post.

It felt so good to read it and think it and say it out loud, that I felt compelled to start jotting down some things, like a 2015 Goals rough draft.

In 2015 I want to do more, lose more and accomplish more.  I want to step way outside my comfort zone in my fitness, personal and family life.
I’m going to take the rest of the weekend and work on my “goals draft and get back to y'all on those later this week.

In other news…

This week with my December 24 Challenge, has kinda been a little challenging.  It’s been the “Curse of Eve” week…ugh
It didn't stop me, completely, it just limited me.  I didn't get in all the time that I scheduled but I still put in some work.

So enjoy this Polar dump from earlier this week

Elliptical Burn

Treadmill Burn

I am in Alabama today (#RollTide) celebrating my First Niece (only niece) 3rd birthday…Fortunately, my brother has a nice little fitness room with weights and a treadmill …I will be hitting that up.
My beautiful niece

I'm going to continue the momentum this week and get my minutes in.  The weather outside is frightful so the treadmill looks so delightful.  Getting ready/ "training" for T25 on the 21st....dam shame i gotta build endurance to do some Shaun T...smh

Any who!
Have a marvelous Weekend!
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