Aug 20, 2014

Oh Yeh! I'm On a Roll!...

3 days in and the momentum is strong. 
However the writers/creativity block is strong as well. HA!

Jasmine is a great challenge leader! She sends out texts and emails to check in!!! I would not be surprised if she falls in love with this challenge and hosts ANOTHER…LMAO!!!!

Anywho…let me get back on topic… (thanks Whoopi)'

I started my Exercise at the Office goal yesterday…I took a walking DVD and my laptop into an empty office and got my sweat on! I can not tell you how proud of me I am…I used to do it everyday last Summer and stopped…(no idea why)
So it feels good and I feel really proud of myself for doing it.

Having this accountability is really making me stick to my guns!!

I am also on Day 20 of the 30 Day Squat arse is SORE!!!!
There is no way I can go 100 or 205 squats in a I break it down into pyramid reps
How I do it @ 90 squats and up

Pyramid Reps

Doing the reps like this causes fatigue sooner and to get a really good burn and builds the muscle so much better. I love a high

I also and Uber excited about the Fall Swag Swap co-host by Camo & Lipstick!!
She got me loving swaps after I did one with her in the Springs so YAY!!!!!

Keep up the GREAT work fellow challengers!!!!

I'm Linking up today with Liz and FemmeFitale!!