Sep 5, 2014

Fleurty Challenge Recap!...

Ok, so here I am.  I fell off the posting train because, well…I met someone and they are very attentive and well I like it!  I shared my need to write this post and so I have a few texting minutes off to reach out and tell you all about my week.
Even though I am smitten, *hee hee*, off the rip I let them know my goals and that NOTHING will derail this fitness show. BOOM!

Moving Forward à
(3-Day Weekend Recap)
I drank a lot, ate a hot dog ( my stomach did not like it) and I got in 2 workouts.  I have a great weekend with my flakey “friends” and my family.  I have no regrets about the homemade ice cream and pound cake, because well I’m a Southern Gal from Alabama and when your granny MAKES ice cream ….you eat some. I did not over indulge because I don’t want to be a fat girl anymore.
I rested, I talked a lot, played with my kiddes and niece and nephew and just enjoy the family. Good Ish.

Jasmine is a great team captain…I will be on you kickball team every time!!!!
If it wasn’t for the texts and emails and chatting with these women more often than not I would probably have forgotten about this challenge…real shit.  I love challenges but I have been distracted and Jasmine has distracted me from my distractor and kept me accountable because well…I WANNA WIN!!!
So let’s go through the goals and see where we are at the halfway point

  1. Blog 3 days a Week  Semi Fail last week and a definite fail this week.  Again sorry I am being courted…lol an since I see I’m slacking on this goal…I’m going to get my sappy ass together…lol
  2. Exercise 4-5 days each week Last week I definitely did…so far this week I’m at 3 times but today is not over and tomorrow has not come… I’m 100% certain that this will be a SUCCESS!
  3. Exercise @ Lunch FAIL…Week 1 was awesome momentum was great…but again check goal 1 response…being courted…lol…Have a lunch date EVERYDAY! To resolve this issue... AM workouts starting next Tuesday, not everyday cuz well I like to sleep and court all night…lol
  4. NO Sweets FAIL!! Last week I had a peanut butter cookie everyday DESPITE my efforts to stay away…then Sunday The Curse of EVE showed up and now I know why the sweets were calling my name. This week has been a FAIL as well…Cookies on Tuesday and a blueberry donut Wednesday… *drops head* TODAY even as I write this lovely little post…Dove Dark Chocolate square…Mother nature hates me.
  5. Read a Positive Fitness Story or Article Weekly SUCCESS!!!!! I have actually read something every day! Keeps a sista in the fitness frame of mind. HA!

 What’s happening going forward?
Tonight and Tomorrow
Cardio and some strength
Honestly I can say Cardio BUUUUUTTT probably Falcons Football and sleep
NO SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT! Weekend!!
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