Aug 27, 2014

Hump Daaaaaaaaaaay!!!...

Welcome Wednesday!!!!
Great thing about blogging on Wednesdays are the link ups & blog hops!! --> These 2 are my Wednesday Favorites Hump Day Blog Hop with Liz and Workout Wednesday with Diatta!

The #fleurtyfitchallenge is going great so far.  Having these ladies have my back and hold me accountable is just what I needed.  Its just giving me a renewed view of my journey.
It has helped me to remember the things that I love about changing, developing and living a healthier lifestyle.
AND SQUATS!!!! HA! I'm doing the 30 Day challenge, as I said in a previous post, and its so awesome!!!

Things I love about doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

1. Being Sore. I love being sore. It makes me feel like I put in some work and that I did those squats RIGHT!! #winning

2. Burning LOTS of Calories. The glutes and quads are huge muscles and when they are activated (via squat) they burn more calories even AFTER you STOP working out!! So as I type this... I'm BURNING CALORIES!!

3. Feeling Strong. I mean come on.. If you have done squats you know how you feel the next day... POWERFUL!

4. My BOOTY!! It feels tighter, sits a little higher and doesn't jiggle unless I'm in a situation where its supposed to. * wink *

5. Lower Abs. Listen, I have had 2 C-Sections on top of already being overweight. No matter what exercise walking, running, planking didn't matter. I thought they were dead.  When I did squats Shaun T style, those lower dead abs WOKE UP!!! and I lost a half inch around my panus. YAY!!
Squats are great! Do a few reps a helps/works.

In Other News

So far this week has been pretty good!

Sunday I went on a lovely 2.15 mile walk at my favorite trail. I wish it could have been longer but I left the house kinda late and it was close to sunset. It made me miss walking the trail regularly. Even the inclines weren't so bad, surprisingly.  I was refreshing and I don't remember why I start slacking on my trail time.

Monday I did 180 squats, Frankensteins, Knee Ups and Kettle Swings 25 mins worth!!! My special ass should have put on my Heartrate monitor so i could have posted a calories burned...ugh! I was great though...I watched Beyonce perform on the VMA's 2

Tuesday Great exercise!!!!  I like to do my squats before I do my cardio. Why? well because it activated those quads, pumps up the heart rate giving a higher-calorie burn. Took me 10 mins to do my 185 squats Pyramid reps style....BOOM!

Today I have more squats to do and I have to figure out my cardio. No doubt I'm gonna get her done!!

Have an AMAZING Hump Day!!!