Aug 22, 2014

Fleurty Lil Check In...

    To Start.  It's Friday!!!
   I have been off meat for 2 weeks with only one day each week that I have had meat at one meal…Not planned but I felt it was better to have then feeling deprived.
I have been going strong with that this week making sure I include LOTS of veggies in my meals. I have spent A LOT of time in the bathroom which is, to me, SUCCESS! HA!

My lunchtime exercise, that I started on Tuesday, has been great.  
It give me energy to make the rest of the day fly by AND motivated me to get my at home routine done. I’m loving it!

I have had a hard time lately finding the right words to write in my blog…. It has been as if the my writing mojo is gone…oh well I’m writing anyways and if it doesn’t flow,  so what you guys are smart, you get what I’m trying to say…lol * shrug *

The Struggle.

I must confess…giving up the sweets this week has…not…happened. Lets be clear I dot eat Snicker bars and Reeces all day and all night, nope no nada.  I don’t gorge out on candy and pastries, nope, no nada.
I have had some peanut butter cookies from Subway and mini Ice cream sammiches, yes sammiches. Guilt free. Feeling bad about it would throw me off track and I don’t want that. 

Going Forward.

Our lovely host has also set us challengers up with accountability partners!! The perfect piece to a challenge is having someone to gripe to and cheer with!  Can’t wait to get to know mine!! 

Overall amazing week. Can't wait to begin the weekend.
Tomorrow Im going to a farm and my goal is to walk the hell out of it! Sunday I'm going to the trail.

Be Consistent
Stay Accountable
Do Work

Have an AWESOME Weekend!!!

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