Sep 9, 2014

This Weeks Motivation...

2 weeks left in my #FleurtySummerChallenge and I want to dig deep and go ham!!!
Yesterday I wrote out my schedule for the week.  I like having something written and posted in my line of site.  It also makes me feel guilty as hell when I haven't followed my schedule.

So this post, short and to the point ...

This is this weeks schedule:

I have already f#ucked up...LOL

Yesterday/Monday was a no go...I wasn't feeling well and I laid in my bed and chilled.
This morning the 5am Club!
I woke up at 5am...yaaay!
Texted my 5am clubber...yaay!
Fell back asleep...boooo!

My partner, Jasmine, texted and and said it was a FAIL for her as
On to the rest of my evening!!
I have PTA tonight BUT I'm getting my exercise in after!

After PTA Junior Class meeting I went home...
I marched up to my room put on my allll my exercise equipment and drove to the trail (it's far, horrible windy road).
I was empowered and excited!!
I did 100 squats to get my thighs pumped up ( my process)
I walked 3 miles !

I forget how I love walking on the trail...How I have no control over the walk...meaning as far as walk and I have to walk that same distance back...and because it was just about sunset I had to hustle back!

Today: Repeat.

I'm joining the Motivational Monday Link up, Hump Day Blog Hop and Workout Wednesday!

Tell me about your goals for the week.