Jun 20, 2014

Friday Before Official Summer...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
After Scalegate last week, (here) I took the weekend and thought long and hard about my goals, myself and the point of it all.
I got my head in order.  Mental discipline is hard.  I often talk myself out of and into  A LOT of bullshit.  Unhealthy bullshit.

I decided (again) that I want this. That I'm better than sadness i feel and the excuses I make. When in reality and it's scientifically proven, that exercise makes you feel better, emotionally as well as physically.
I like exercising, but I have let personal stuff give me excuse to feel sorry for myself and not do what I know I should be doing. (figured all that out over the weekend...HA!)

This week I hit the ground rolling.
I didn't let excuses get in my way AND I even had a partner this week!

I wrote out the menu, we grocery shopped and prepped what need to be prepped.
Its been a pretty awesome week!

Below is a sample of the menu this week.  I was toooooo tired and lazy to type everyday on the QWERTY.

I burned a fair amount of calories this week and it's not over yet!

Took it to the street and a breakfast #MealPrep
Elliptical and Strength Training

Sat in Atlanta traffic AND heat for 2 hours...I did a nice HIIT,
 lots of Jumping Jacks and Squats!

2 Mile Walk!

Have a great weekend!!!

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