Jan 19, 2015

Like the Air I breathe...

Today I'm plagiarizing...lol

 * shrug *

In order for me to stay motivated and get going I first need a bit of Inspiration.
Mr Hamilton @ Get In Shape  Athletics sends a wonder email 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week.
The email I got today was the boost I needed to keep my mind right and my mental together.

"Step One: Get Focused.
The holidays happened. You ate things from your “never eat these” list, you drank more that you should have, but now it’s over. 

Draw a line in the sand. The bad eating stops now. 

Don’t beat yourself up for falling off the fitness wagon this once. Simply get back up, dust yourself off and get re-focused. Leave the past, and your slip-ups, in the past. 

Step Two: Get Hydrated.
While bad eating can take on many forms, the end result is most often dehydration and water retention. The only way to restore balance is to get hydrated. 

Your first priority in getting back on track is to drink plenty of water throughout your day. Start with a tall glass of water in the morning, and carry a water bottle with you. 

Don’t add artificial sweeteners or stimulants to your water – these will work against your hydration efforts. To add flavor, slice fresh fruit, herbs or vegetables to place in your water, just like at the spa. 

Step Three: Get Picky.
For the next few days I need you to be extra picky about what you eat. Stick with only whole, real foods like fruits, vegetables and some lean meat. Whole, real foods will quickly help to restore balance. 

Don’t eat packaged foods for the next few days. This means saying no to snack foods, processed meat slices, dairy, baked goods and alcohol

Step Four: Get Moving.
So you've put an end to the eating madness, you've hydrated and you've eaten only whole foods …it’s now time to sweat it out. 

Lace up your athletic shoes and put on your favorite gym clothes. When you start your workout, ease in slowly. Take the time to warm up and stretch your muscles before powering up to a solid 30-minute exercise routine. "

Who doesn't like this kind of motivation to get back on the good foot and move forward.
I'm a believer in consistency and the past 7 or 8 months i have been horrible at it.  That ends.  I have spent many moments thinking about where I could be now with/in my journey and beating myself up about it...that ends. * shrug * I'm human, I get sidetracked and distracted.  I'm imperfect.
I'm not going to continue to dwell on things that I can't change. That is time gone.
I am focusing on today, tomorrow and beyond.  
Being consistent
Staying focused on my 2015 goals &
Mental discipline


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