Jan 15, 2015

Year at a Glance...

Alright, it has taken me a couple weeks to get this short list together.
Finally I’m ready and have carved a moment in time, to get this post, be it brief, together.
There is nothing more awesome for a goal digging whorebag (lol) than to have to decide on the goals for the year!
I decided on 10 Goals but I’m only sharing my Top 5

1.  Regular fitness routine
 This is very important for me and to me.  I want to have a routine in place so strong that if I even think I’m not gonna ,that feel guilty, have created the habit and proceed to get it done .  I’m at a point where I can tell when I miss a few days, but I don’t want to miss a few days I want the habit.

2.  Ask for a raise
Self explanatory.  However, they don’t give anything no matter how well you perform and help insurance increased.  It has to balance to make sense and well, It Don't.  I will have to suck it up and find a way to “beg” my young ass boss for a raise. Any tips or ideas on how I should approach this?

3.  Get Passport
Not going anywhere. Just want one. 2nd form of ID…lol

4.  Move
The economy started dropping in the beginning of 2009, sad, but true.  I lost my job, my roommate (ex), and my home in 5 months.  It took me 3 years to find a job that would hire me.  I collected unemployment, went to community college and worked temp jobs.  I moved back in with my mom (best mother EVER) and thank GOD my car was paid for. I have been afraid to leave the comfort and security of mom’s bosom.  2015 I’m moving.  My room is full of crates and tubs of my life before the 2nd great depression.  I want to open my boxes and enjoy my things again.
5.  Do a FlexitPink Virtual Run
 Love their cause. Love their story.   Love the shirt and the medal….lol.  This will also give me an opportunity to explore more of my city and find a spot that is visually wonderful to do it in and a push to start running…even though it can be walked, ran, rolled or crawled.

My year goals may seem basic, but they’re not.  It all about the lifestyle.  Its all about doing things that are outside my normal business hours and doing things out my box. That will hopefully lead me to even greater places!

It’s also about, weekly and monthly, being able to write the small goals, ( I love goals) that will lead me to accomplishing my 2015 goals.

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