Jan 13, 2015

Not Everest, but...

I don't fall into The New Year New You b.s.. I prefer to start my goals a few weeks into the New Year. I call it New Year Better Me. There can't be A new me because well I'm still me not a robot. I'm just going to spend the new year improving on the goals  I have made in the past and completing the one I set for 2015.

I spent the weekend with #Smitten. We knew we wanted to climb a mountain but which one, Stone Mtn or Kennesaw Mtn.? We chose the easy drive. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park....whew long ass name. It's where Sherman came down on Atlanta during the Civil War. Lots of Southern heritage there. Got there and started wondering about all the bodies buried around that place...hmm
The last time I climbed this mountain I was 19 years old; totally different endurance energy and strength.

Beautiful scenery; Open fields, woods, cannons... Wait...it was cold as ice...my goodness mighty cold, but I didn't care, we didn't care. After the walk from the parking lot to the visitor’s center I had to pee...did that. Thus the climb begins.

It was not like Stone Mountain...short flat path, then I felt like Frodo and Sam in Return of the King climbing up, up, up and up up up. Heart rate was up up up. And just when we thought we were gonna die the Heavens revealed a bench!

After a few moments of deep breathing the climb was resumed. Stepping up and over rocks, so glad that I wore extra socks feel quite proud that after a half mile of climbing the stairway to heaven that I didn't give up say tuck it and turn around. Another bench!!!!!!! This bench was at a beautiful opening where you could see the tall buildings in Atlanta and the Buckhead skyline. Inhale exhale. "Let’s go!" .5miles left...my second wind kicks in ...kinda I watch the ground cuz the incline does not waver. I look up and see a railing and some steps We Made It!!!!!!!

So happy, so proud...kinda my defining moment of how 2015 is going to be for me. Just I keep going. Don't give up. Nothing is easy. If you want it do it. Do or Do not, there is no try.

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