Mar 9, 2015


Happy March it's been a while and I'm not going to bore you with all the reasons why I haven't been posting.
I suck, yes I know.
I've had a busy February.  I started several posts but could never finish one because things have just been busy.
Things going on with my kids, family, my job...blah, blah, blah.
I'm here today and well, really that's all that and I thank you for being patient!

Weather in Atlanta has sucked so bad and I am so happy to report that this week we have had warmer temperatures AND that Spring is coming. 
However, Friday morning it was snowing and temperatures were at freezing, but so what Spring is coming!!
I'm chirping and eventually the birds will be chirping to...Boom! 

Fitbit... I am now a part of the Fitbit community.
I got a Fitbit for Christmas, but didn't open it up and log in til January 14th. 
Can I just say I love this bit!! I love it!!! Walking ain’t walking without my Fitbit! LOL!!
It makes me do so much more. It just keeps me from being lazy!
I love the challenges and I have even met a few people in the community to do challenges with.
I work a sedentary job. I have to find reasons to have to get up from my desk. Fitbit is the reason! I walk around the office multiple times a day. I march in place at the coffee machine, at the copier and at my terminal. I aslo walk many laps around the warehouse.  I'm determined to get in 8,000 steps before I leave work every day.
I'm going to post a few pictures of my stats from the last couple weeks...

About February... I would just like to say that I have not gained any weight. I have maintained the weight that I've been at for the past 5 or 6 months which is still pretty crappy but I'm happy to say that I haven't gotten any fatter....HA!
I've been working out everyday but I have been working out everyday. 
This Fitbit really has me pushing myself hard. I love it!
One of my goals this month of March is to force myself out of my comfort zone do something different!
First with this Black Weight Loss Success Challenge, on top of MY regular fitness routine - walking, is some added Calisthenics everyday.

These things are going to get your calories burning and your heart rate up there! I like it, like it a lot. Right now my butt sore my stomach hurts
I'm really so forward to Spring coming and getting back to the freaking trails!! I can't wait until this cold breaks so I can get back to my true love and be out with/in Mother Nature and get my mileage on!! I love winter, bundling up and cuddling and snuggling but sheesh!!! I miss the trails and I can't wait! 

Wednesday night my daughter and I had the most amazing time at this great workout session!
 I don't know if any of you know or have heard of about Dawn Archer a great fitness/weight loss story I'll share the story here 

Last year her goal was to she her story and her Sweat workouts in every state. That was a success!! before that she used to live here in Atlanta, so she tries to come back here to hold a class and I always miss them!...boooooo
I missed it last year when she was here as part of her tour and I missed it earlier this year when she came back!!
I was determined that I was going to make it this time so I saved my little coins, blocked out the time! 
I brought my daughter  with me, needless to say... she wasn't happy about it * shrug * but I wanted to spend some quality time with her I want her to know that exercise can be fun (she was pissed) Let me tell you my daughter, as soon as the first song started AND it was one of her favorites!!!! her smile was so big and bright that i didn't recognize
She had such a good time and she worked her butt off and it was sweaty it was hot but it was wonderful and for 2 days I was sore: my hamstrings hurt, my eyes were burning, my core temperature has to be a 120 It was a great workout so if you've heard of her or haven't heard her go to her website she has downloads of her workouts. i have three of them and they are really a good burn!
If you need a little inspiration and/or some motivation PLEASE check her out! 

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