Jul 23, 2014

Hump Day Catch up ...

Happy Hump day !!!
Its been a couple weeks so I'm going to roll through right quick.
I have just been taking a break from writing and I hope all 17 of you understand...lol
Just a break.

Here I am to spit some love while pooting glitter! HA!

Not much has happened in my fitness life.
One day at a time has been relaxing and peaceful.
I am happy BUT I'm starting to feel the not exercising...it's catching up with me and I don't like it.

I'm not interested in being a fat girl anymore so I'm taking the rest on July to create meal plans and routines and a couple other things I'm thinking about so that I can get my fat ass in motion and shed this weight. BOOM!

Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z
It was great!
Best show since Justin T brought sexy back!
I'm not a  yelling spending money kind of fan...I will take a bootleg. *shrug*
It was actually a date....they must really like me...yes I'm great...lol

Tomorrow is a special day My baby girls turns Sweet 16!!
I will post allllllll about that over the weekend.
coupled with the 4-day weekend I'm going to have... AWESOME!!!

Have an amazing Hump day folks!
Linking up with my  favs today...I did talk a little about fitness...lol
Hump Day Blog Hop and Workout Wednesday!!

Make it a GREAT One!!!