Jul 9, 2014

A Humpday Farewell...

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I subscribe to City Fit Girls Fit Kit.  Love my Kits! They are inspirational, motivational and PACKED with lots goodies!!
Unfortunately and sadly I received an email from the City Fit Girls.

Thank you for supporting City Fit Girls, LLC. by subscribing to the City Fit Kit! We hope that the City Fit Kit has motivated you more than ever along your fitness and wellness journey. Since starting in January, we have created partnerships with local and national brands and helped assist our subscribers on their weight loss and fitness journey."

"This is not easy to do or write but after July, we are no longer be providing the City Fit Kit subscription service. We have thought long and hard about this and know that this is best. City Fit Girls, LLC. is expanding in other areas and will need to focus more in those areas.”

So, July is the last kit. I am sad to see it end, but I’m excited to get my kit!!

 As always there is a lovely calender FULL of activities to do.  To be honest I have done nothing. YET!!! my goal is to do a few days but I can't commit...Stress free, no obligation zone. HA!

This kit is much like the others packed with yummy things to try and a push to get you out the door!

This one day at a time is great.(here)   I feel like I can handle things better. Did a great exercise routine yesterday.
I started with the treadmill.  The routine consisted of 15 min of climbing up hill. WHEW! It was a good sweaty 15mins.  I burned 151 calories!
A little later (after careful consideration) I did T25 Cardio.  Let me say that today, right now. I can hardly stand up straight.   My legs. My legs.  I burned 307 calories! I also started checking off my daily goals list.

  • Feel accomplished
  • Proud of myself
  • Stress was alleviated

Very much loving my one day at at time!

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