Jul 14, 2014

My favorite Saturday yet...

Motivation. #Truth
Hey y'all!
Today is not about fitness it's about spending time with my daughter!
My pretty angel will be turn 6  16 in 2 weeks. :(
and so Saturday was about spending time together shopping for that good ol' birthday outfit.

I hate shopping, she hates shopping so when our favorite store didn't have what we we were looking for, with great sadness, we had to venture out into the mall.
The first store we went to we chatted with and old associate from when my kiddies were younger and shorter. We arrived to the Juniors department and immediately sought out a sales associate.  "Do you have any overalls?" "Yes we do!"
The excitement we felt !!! THE FIRST STOP!!!!!
With excited haste she walked us to the the section where such things are displayed. EUREKA!!!
"Here they are!"  Took a few seconds to focus.  They were long overalls.  My sweet little humble daughter took them off the rack and pretend to not be angry inside.
"Thank you." I say and inquired about shorts.
God know us and our disdain for overly crowded public places.
We again ventured out into the mall and stumbled upon a Wet Seal.
Walked in touched things and still did not see what we wanted.
From behind we here the voice of the what sounds the the Allstate commercial man.
"Are you finding everything ok?"
"Nope. We are looking for Overall SHORT, but you don't have any."
In good hands and sure voice, he says
"Yes we do. One more pair." and he whips around and starts walking.
My daughter and I turned to look at each other.  I hadn't quite registered, but we started walking anyway.

Stephen, Steven (don't know) he found us what were looking for.
Within seconds we were holding a pair and hoping they fit.
and they we on S-A-L-E.
Joy and Happiness!!!!!
We were in the mall less than an hour and left with what we needed.
We laughed and chatted, she even smiled a bit. She let me hold her hand :)
Mommy's baby.  *tear*

Have a great week!
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