Sep 10, 2008


Today's Truths:

1. Sweat, sweat, sweat... (lol)
2. Alcohol is not our friend. (well, not all the time)

Last Friday, I got totally wasted. I'm gonna a just put it out there, like that. TOTALLY, sleep on the ground, throwing up, fussing and cussing, WASTED!!!!!!! Disclaimer: I have NEVER been that drunk ever! It almost ruined my relationship...LOL...but it didn't.
I said all that to say, Saturday, didn't quite make those 5 miles, but I was able to get a Fill-in and Pedicure, watch the Season Premier of Gossip Girl, that I had missed, and have a fat juicy hamburger from 5Guys Burgers and Fries...moving on...Sunday, I wasn't able to make those 5 miles, but I also can't really, quite remember what I did do on Sunday...hmm...anywho, Monday, I couldn't even get out of the bed to lift a weight, Tuesday, I was BACK TO THE PROGRAM!!!! However, I still feel like crap. I got up Tuesday morning to workout and it felt like it was the 1st time I had EVER did a jumping jack.
So, I have to put the Vodka...sniff...the Tequila shots... the Mojitos...and the Sex on the Beaches ...sniff sniff...away. I can't drink and maintain my workout regimen and reach my weight loss goals. Sorry party people.

On a lighter note, last week I was able to change my workouts to AM workouts. Fact: Exercising first thing in the morning is the most foolproof way to ensure that other things don't overtake you fitness commitment (its easy to wimp out in the evening, when you're tired or faced with cooking dinner or helping with homework). So, I'm back to working out in the morning. It's difficult, especially if I go to bed after 10pm, but it feels so good during the day. I eat less and I don't get as stressed. So, try it. I know it's not for everyone but give it a shot.

This morning, an AM workout was not the haps. I am STILL tired as all hell. I WANTED TO GO TO BOOTCAMP this Saturday!!!!! The Bootcamp I go to on Saturdays is no joke. My sister went 1 time and could not walk for days after she won't go again until she has exercised, CONSISTENTLY weeks...WTF!! You know it's the, however, love it. I have been several times and was planning on going back this week, after a 2 month vacation, but the ALCOHOL jacked me up!!! The results that I was seeing were phenomenal! Arms toning, booty firming, thighs tightening ....Sexual

My goal for next Saturday: BOOTCAMP!!

Steps to achieve:
1. Continue building the consistency of exercising in the AM
3. Leave the Alcohol alone.
4. Blog