Sep 16, 2008

Stripper Body

"We are defined by the choices we make" ~Tyler Durden

Today's Truth:
1. Having a buddy — or a team of supporters — can help you to stick to it when the going gets tough. (YES MA'AM!!)

On favorite weight loss site... one of my teams has quarterly challenges that last anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. The current challenge is following The Biggest Loser on NBC, which has its season premiere this show... The one big team is broken up in to small team s with captains co captain exercise challenges, motivations and support. NO one is voted off but the winners are given much I am on the first day of a challenge ready to get rid of more pounds, deep in thought.
I have had the motivation, I have found different kinds, types, and levels of inspiration. My one trouble has been BELIEVING that I could be under 200 pounds or that I could ACTUALLY be smaller! It's a different thought process and belief system going on here. I KNOW I can do it. I know my goal is not impossible but I can say, "I want to know what thin feels like", all day long but to actually let the realization enter my head that I can AND will be this....WOW. For this challenge, that just started today I was thinking about my "goal weight" and it was really weird typing, thinking and even writing the number. It was a number that I don't EVER remember seeing.
I am not a skinny girl gone big. I am a girl that has gone from chunky to fat since I was 8years old. When I was 12 I was a 12, 14 I was a 14, 16 is was a 16, 18 was an 18 and once I turn 20 I fluctuated between a 20 and 18, til now. It has ALWAYS been a fact of life for me... Wow... When I first started I was like "Hmm I want to be a size 14" I AM ALMOST THERE!!! I AM ONE SIZE AWAY!!! really have to change my way of thinking. I really have to get my perception of this lifestyle change TOGETHER!! I need to stop by Body Tap on Tuesdays and take some surveys. I need to know what size some them are...LOL...