Aug 27, 2008

Being Accountable...

Today's truth:

1. "Captain D's is just like Red Lobster, except only 1/2 the price." (I didn't say

It has been extremely hard to dedicate time to this project of blogging...I get busy! I reevaluated a few things and decided that it is worth it to be able to share my experience, in case someone comes across this and finds some type of inspiration...I hope.

Confession/Accountability Time...

I went on vacation about a month ago to the beautiful Destin, Florida. The white sands and the gorgeous ocean was breathtaking. Came home to humid Hotlanta and since then have not been able to get back right.

My workout regimen is/was as follows:

Sat AM walk 5mile 1hr 15 mins sometimes an hour long Bootcamp (shameless

Sun AM 5 mile walk 1 hr 15mins

Mon, Wed Strength training routine brought to you by the Biggest Loser (8lb weights) and 30-45 mins of Cardio

Tues, Thurs 30-45 mins of cardio

On Friday I rest, whew!

Since vacation, this is what it been looking like:

Sat noonish 2mile walk
Sun rest
Mon rest
Tues rest
Wed 20 mins Cardio
Thurs rest
Fri rest


Over the last week and a half I have been slowly getting back into my program, but it has been a serious bitch doing it. I tell you, laziness is an airborne disease. My boo say let's watch a movie, I've been like "ok, I'll work out in the morning", morning comes, alarm gives that annoying buzz, hit snooze "I workout when I get home", get home and then my babies want dinner and attention. Control, gotta get back that control that I left on them dam beaches last month.

This week I have been on it:

Mon 20min Strength training 10-15 min BRISK cardio
Tues 56 min Cardio (4 mile INTENSE walk)
Wed 20 min strength training and 30 min BootCamp

I have really had to force myself to get right. In case your wondering I have only gained back 3lbs. I think that's pretty good considering how little I have been exercising.

My short term goals for 8/25-9/13

1. Weigh under loose 5lbs!!!

2. Get back on regularly scheduled programming