Sep 11, 2008

Forget Finding Nemo...

Never Give In. Never, Never, Never. ~ Winston Churchill

I have been having a hard time finding inspiration. I'm not sure if that's the right word, but it's the one I'm going with. I feel like since the 4th of July I have been going down a spiral path of nothingness. I kinda feel a little lost. For some reason I am finding it more and more difficult to keep the weightloss momentum going. My biggest set back has been food. I have been eating like crazy!!! Wait let me retract that. I have still been eating 3 square meals and watching my portions. My portions have been growing (I've been watching them so that's how I know) and that's part of the issue. The other part of the food issue is bread. Bread is THE DEVIL!!!!! Bread comes in many shapes and forms sandwich slices, rolls, and those heavenly, not to mention free, baskets of bread that are delivered straight to your table.
I, however, have been KILLING Pizza and tortilla chips. Not killing pizza, like eating a box at a no no ....just eating pizza PERIOD!!! Pizza is loaded with carbs and I have probably had pizza for lunch or dinner twice a week for the past 2-3 weeks...and for me...THAT IS A LOT!!!!! Tortilla chips...whew!! Let's see salsa is ok, but to have salsa and chip, guacamole and chip, spinach dip and chips...I could just DIE!!!!
I have to stop this madness. I can not go back to where I started. I can not just give up on my goal. I want some... Apple Bottom jeans, boots with tha seriously under NO circumstances do I want to give up on this goal... My lifestyle change includes weightloss. Weightloss includes changing unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Healthy habits include COMMITMENT.
I have to be committed...after all its my HEART we talking about.