Jan 3, 2017

page 3 of 365...

Yes, it’s a new year, but I’m still the same ol me.  The me that has commitment issues. The me that self-sabotages. The me that has fears.  It’s that fear that causes the lack of commitment and self-sabotage.  Took me a while to learn this about myself.

 To live a fuller life, I must say hello to my fear, greet it and move past it.
It keeps me from doing what I love, writing, and from being a better person.  Better attitude, health, well-being, fitness and goal ACHIEVER!  

I miss writing.  I miss pouring my soul out and feeling lighter.  I miss the joy I used to feel from writing in my blog regularly.  So, I’m going to write.  I’m going to write about me and be as transparent as I can be.

Adifferentd is going lifestyle…lol
I don’t know what that means to you but to me that means…everything that goes on in my life.
Work struggle
Planner addiction
Health & Fitness
“Leisure” and
General grumpiness.
I promise to keep it interesting (as much as I can). 
There may be times where I focus on a particular topic longer than others, but my goal here is to just write and not get tied down to one area of no expertise…lol

I'm looking forward to this.  becoming reacquainted with me while reacquainting with you.

Hello, I’m D. Pleased to meet you.