Jan 13, 2016

You Know What Time It Is!

It was a long Summer and Fall.  What have I been up to? Nothing.  I started working part time in retail because it is extremely hard to find a job in what I do, for some reason.  Anywho.

All of the life events discouraged me, stressed me, took away my confidence and I have basically been feeling completely out of control.  Two years ago I was began my fitness journey, today, I could have been at goal weight twice, like seriously.
I came into Fall super disappointed with myself…I had been basically making excuses for months.  The eating was… out.of.control.  I’m not a binge eater, I’m a eat what-the-f%ck-I-want eater… I became addicted to the sugar, again,  but because it was lightly sweetened Dark Chocolate I told myself it was ok.  And it is… in moderation…smh.
So, as winter approached I began to feel the lack of control.  I began to see how out of control I was… not just with my fitness but in my life as well.  I don’t like being out of control.
So,  I started making list and creating my version of order one check mark at a time.

Here I am. I’m not going to pick up where I left off. I’m pushing the reset button.  I am beginning a new journey…knowing now what I learned then.  So you won’t read about me pissing and moaning about my past journey.  This right here is fresh off the presses…lol
One thing that remains the same is my goal diggin’ whorebag ways.  I love setting goals. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly…lol I don’t like resolutions they are propaganda…lol…I need things that I can see and measure, and “Smile more” just doesn’t cut it for me… oop!

I have tried many different ways to track my fitness and fitness goals. I have purchase fitness planners…pointless and I have used spiral notebooks.  It’s important to track your journey…see what your goals are, see what you have eaten and braindump how much the day sucked, how you feel, etc.  I need to be able to customize according to my needs. I like the notebooks but I wanted something that I could throw in my purse.

I use a couple of Midori inserts that I purchased on Amazon, decorated the cover with some scrapbook paper and customized the pages for me and I love them. 
I have one that is for my goals; Yearly, monthly and quarterly and one for fitness, tracking my food, my exercise with a little journaling. Ahhh Peace

I have several personal goals and a few fitness goals
I have a nice Fitness “To-Do” List.  I am going to tackle each one this year…but I don’t want to get overwhelmed by trying to accomplish them all at once.

So here they are:
1.   Lose weight – Year
2.   Complete a Whole30 – Month (yup a Whole30)
3.   Write in blog – Week

Each one of these goals comes with tasks…way too much to share…lol Overall you see what I have going on.
I’m excited about this Whole30…it’s like the ultimate!! I’m at the end of day one and I’m STARVING!! However, I’m so into this I must completely this…Its exciting the possibilities…
Downside… my 40th birthday is next week and that means no alcohol and no cake, or suffer the consequences of having to start over… boooo!

Do I enjoy my birthday or do I press on through the birthday and remain Whole30 compliant?

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Just D.