Jun 1, 2015

June One...

Sheesh when was the last time I wrote....to dam long ago.
I love when moths begin on Monday...
What a perfect perfect month to
and re-up
on the fitness goals that I put in storage...lol

I have missed you guys.
I have missed writing.
Oddly enough I KNOW the writing and posting is what keeps me accountable.
Not doing it gives me the ease I need to make excuse after excuse...smh

Hi Im D. and I have been an unfocused fat ass for the past several months!!
I stil be getting in my steps...lol
I love my FitBit!
Fitty has helped me maintain this same weight.
Thanks to my Workweek Hustle challenge I have been continuing to exercise, but the food...smh
Mostly the bread and the sweets...
carrot cake
chocolate chip cookies
Ice cream cones
lemon cupcakes
Chipotle burritos
sammiches...yes sammiches

still no sodas and juice
but vodka and red wine...sheesh!!!!!

I am about to be an angry miserable Biatch as I detox off this sugar! LOL!
So here are some goals

      June Goals

  1. Come off the sugar
  2. RE commit to myself
  3. Write out my fitness plan and stick to it
  4. Meal plan
  5. Cardio and Strength

I also got me the cutest fitness planner!
Its an Inkwell Press Fitness Planner
Its set up for 12 Weeks
measurable and obtainable goal setting
I posted a little video on IG @adifferentD

Will you help keep me accountable?
Will you be my champions...lol?

Be well June!

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